Bill Araujo

Bill Araujo started at Hasbro while he was in college. For three years, he worked the second shift and moved up from factory assembler to line supervisor at night. At one point, Senior Vice President Hugh Maxwell called Bill into his office to discuss his career goals and offer him a position. Shortly after this meeting, he took the position of Manufacturing Engineer and learned the manufacturing end of the business and worked with several departments including Research & Design, Marketing, Sales, etc. Prior to leaving after 32 years in 2004 as the Director of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, he was the V.P. of Manufacturing Engineering.


When it comes to working on G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Bill remembers working on the development of several products such as the Vamp, Mobat, U.S.S. Flagg, and Defiant.  Bill was most proud of his part in developing a great product like G.I. Joe and giving children the ability to role play and utilize their imaginations. He has stated numerous times that working at Hasbro were the best times of his life and has the utmost respect for Stephen and Alan Hassenfeld, who he feels were visionary and always encouraged innovation and creativity within Hasbro.

What were some of your favorite moments working on G.I. Joe?

What is your greatest accomplishment with the G.I. Joe line?

Who is your favorite figure? Why?

“Every product had it own story starting from its original concept thru actual manufacturing. Once production has started it was like bring a product to life.”


“Having the chance to be part of development of a great product line that continues provide children the ability to role play and utilize their imagination.”


“Snake Eyes was a great concept in my view"


In your opinion, what characteristics made the G.I. Joe brand team successful?

Who is your favorite vehicle/playset? Why?

“My favorite vehicle was and still is the MOBAT tank. As part of the development team it was a pleasure always working with talented people who worked as a team. Team work is extremely important to ensure success.”


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