Jeff Thompson

With a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas, Jeff Thompson, Product Designer, was part of the Joe team from 1991 through 1994.  Jeff was responsible for designing vehicles such as the Ninja Force Battle Ax, Ninja Force Pile Driver, Blockbuster, Scorpion, Star Brigade Power Fighters, and the unproduced Ninja Attack Packs!  The one vehicle that he is most proud of is the modified P-40 Warhawk for the Sgt. Savage line.  Fun fact about the P-40 Warhawk is that it originally designed to be in a camo pattern! Jeff will forever be encapsulated in plastic as the figure “Blast-Off” from the Mega Marines subgroup.

What were some of your favorite moments working on G.I. Joe?

What is your greatest accomplishment with the G.I. Joe line?

Who is your favorite figure? Why?

“It wasn’t necessarily the work but the people I worked with on the team and at Hasbro.  The guys at the event (Bill, Dave, Greg, Kurt and Vinnie) and also the others in the Boys design team (Tom Hamilton, Todd Wise, Don Deluca and so on…)”


“I wouldn’t know or remember what was my biggest commercial success.  The Sgt. Savage P-40 was the most personally satisfying because of it’s historical reference back to the Flying Tigers.  I loved that plane as a kid and it was really cool to design/redesign it.”


“Blastoff from the Mega Marines.  Why?  It’s me!  (though I think Kurt could have made it look more like me – I think he had a problem with bald guys)”


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