Patty Collopy

Patty Kiley Collopy was a Senior Copywriter for Hasbro from 1983 through 1987.  Her responsibilities included writing copy for fictional storylines, packaging, newsletters, merchandising and catalogs for various product lines such as My Little Pony, Transformers, Jem and more, but her primary allegiance was to Joe. 

Patty has fond memories of being involved in ‘Project Sgt. Slaughter’ and ‘The Fridge’, but her most vivid memory was lamenting about the seemingly thousands of broken, unlabeled, first-off plastic pieces dropped on her desk. That’s how the assembly instructions began for what weeks later resembled the U.S.S Flagg.


Patty’s mother, Pearl Kiley Davis, having started her career working for Merrill Hassenfeld and later Stephen and Allen, brought Patty and her brother to the shipping office every Saturday where they were once treated to a warehouse forklift tour arranged by then young Stephen. They and a large crate boarded the lift and were told to fill it with anything they wanted, including the then 12” G.I. Joe. Pearl made sure the children share all but one with their many Pawtucket neighbors and cousins.  As a teenager, Patty was back at Hasbro working summers on the G.I. Joe assembly lines, and after college and a year of news editing, jumped at the chance to get back in the toy game.


As Senior Copywriter, Patty was the first of many on the Joe team to incorporate family and friends into the Joe universe. Her nephew Thomas P. Kiley, and her brother Brian R. Davis are among those immortalized as the characters’ Maverick and Blaster. Patty is credited as a ‘technical advisor’ on the first G.I. Joe’ and Transformers’ movies, (her 10-minute claim to fame), however, she said she would much rather have had a Joe named after her!

Patty currently is the Director of Marketing at Complete Payroll Solutions and resides in Exeter NH with her family.

What were some of your favorite moments working on G.I. Joe?

“Working with everyone involved on the line - we always had fun collaborating and coming up with creative, inventive ideas. Stand out? Watching Joe product managers do the Super Bowl Shuffle. Someone must have that on tape.”


What is your greatest accomplishment with the G.I. Joe line?

Who is your favorite figure? Why?

“Fridge – most fun to work on…”


In your opinion, what characteristics made the G.I. Joe brand team successful?

Who is your favorite vehicle/playset? Why?

“ Carrier - most fun to play with and work on....”


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