Allan R. Ferraro Sr.

Sr. Industrial Designer/3D Mech Tech. Group, 91'-97'

Allan R. Ferraro Sr.

Sr. Industrial Designer/3D Mech Tech. Group, 91'-97'

Bill Araujo

Director of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, 72'-04'

Bill Cooke

3D Mechanical Designer, 82'-94'

Bill Culbertson

Director Plus of Sculpture, 81'-86'

Bill Young

Sr. Product Designer, 85'-97'

Bob Swanson

Product Manager, 86'-93'

Bob Prupis

Sr. VP of International Marketing, 78'-95'

Carl Fritz

Product Manager, 85'-93'

Dana Chicca

Sr. Product Designer, 89'-97'

Dave Dorman

Freelance Illustrator, 86'-92'

Dave Hasle

Product Designer, 88'-90'

David Kunitz

VP of Design, 84'-12'

Diane Stamp

Director of Business Process Management and Global Development Organization,

Don Amaral Jr.

Mechanical Designer, 90'-97'

Ed Gershowitz

Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager, 82'-89'

Ed Morrill

Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager, 82'-89'

Frank Coroneos

Sr. Product Designer, 86'-89'

Fred Eddins

Sr. Design Director, 74'-09'

George Dys

Project Engineer, 84'-99'

Greg Berndtson

Designer Director Plus, 77'-97'

Guy Cassaday

Sr. Product Designer, 84'-90'

Hector Garrido

Freelance Package Designer

Jane Fusco

Editorial Director, 84'-01'

Jaqueline Boucher

Director of Learning and Development, 83'-07'

Jeff Jones

Sr. VP Development and Marketing, 93'-02'

Jeff Thompson

Product Designer, 91'-94'

Joe Falvo

Sr. Project Engineer, 82'-05'

Joe Morrone

VP of Engineering, 82'-04'

John Carty

Sr. Package Designer, 89'-97'

John Costello

Sr. Reliability Engineer, 85'-91'

John Lindsay

Marketing Director, 84'-89'

John Sterling

VP of Engineering,  83'-87'

Kathy Mussig

Associate Promotions Account Manager, 81'-91'

Kelly Carrington

Sr. Industrial Designer, 86'-90'

Kevin Masse

Director of Creative Servicee, 78'-07'

Kirk Bozigian

VP of Boys Toys, 78'-94'

Kirk Hindman

Principal Product Designer, 82'-13'

Kurt Groen

Sr. Product Designer, 89'-98'


Marcia Moll

Product Manager, 85'-88'

Mark Pennington

Product Designer, 85'-88'


Maryanne Viveiros

Art Director, 88'-02'

Nancy Hassard

Director of Creative Services, 86'-99'

Pat Kiley Collopy

Sr. Copywriter, 83'-88'

Randy Elliott

Freelance Illustrator, 89'-90'

Roger Avery

Director of Playskool Project Planning, 78'-94'

Ron Rudat

Sr. Product Designer, 71'-99'

Steve D'Aguanno

General Manager of Product Development, 74'-06'

Steven Reiss

Sr. Design Director, 84'-88'

Tim Thompson

Packaging Engineer, 83'-89'

Vinnie D'Alleva

VP of Marketing, 89'-99'

Wayne Luther

Sr. VP Concept Acquisition, 78'-13'

Wes Thomas

Manager of Engineering, 84'-89'

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