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V.A.M.P. • Clutch • Cobra and Cobra Officer • Sky Striker• Ace • Major Bludd • Duke • Mutt • Shipwreck • U.S.S. Flagg • Keel-Haul • Dial-Tone • Roadblock (86’ release) • Night Raven • Night Raven(cont.) and Strato-Viper • Cobra Commander (87’ release) and Raptor • Gyro-Viper • Mamba • Tunnel Rat • Desert Fox • Skidmark • Destro (88’ release) and Voltar • Hit & Run • Countdown and T.A.R.G.A.T. • Capt. Grid-Iron and Metal-Head • Dictator and Interrogator • Overlord • B.A.T (91’ release) and Snake Eyes (91’ release) • Cross-Country and Outback (93’ release) • Scorpion and Tarantula (unreleased vehicle concept) • Apach (unreleased Dreadnok character concept) • Scottish Trooper (unreleased character concept) • Nav Station and Uni Copter (unreleased vehicle concepts)


Cobra Commander (82'/83' release) • Cobra Missile Command • Short-fuze• Snake Eyes (82'/83' release) • Snake Eyes  (cont.) and RAM • H.I.S.S. (83' release) • H.I.S.S.  Driver • Snow Job • ASP and CLAW • Spirit (84' release) • Storm Shadow (84' release) • Bazooka (85' release) • Lady Jaye • Lady Jaye (cont.) and Snow Cat• Frostbite • Alpine• Eel (85' release)• Conquest • Slip-Stream • Zandar • Zarana • Jinx and Gung-Ho (87' release) • Blizzard • Road Pig  • Secto-Viper and Cobra Bugg • Deep Six (89' release) and Hot Seat • Raider • Pirahna • Rampart and Topside • Snow Serpent (91' release) and Incinerator  • Shark 9000•  Nomad (unreleased vehicle concept) • Lotus and Soviet (unreleased figure concepts)


Breaker • MOBAT • Steeler • Torpedo • Baroness • Copperhead • Airtight • Snow Serpent • Beach Head • Cross-Country • Dr. Mindbender • Cobra-La • Golobulus and Royal Guard • Nemesis Enforcer • Repeater • Iron Grenadier • Stiletto • Star-Viper • Razorback• Wild Boar and Track Viper • Vapor and Coldfront• Avalanche • Salvo • Low-Light and Big Ben • Blockbuster • Cobra Revenge (unreleased vehicle concept) • Cobra Wedge and Sea Hawk (unreleased vehicle concepts) • Baroness (unreleased figure concepts) • Iguanus (unreleased figure concept)


Zap • Zap & S.N.A.K.E. • Gung-Ho • Scrap-Iron • Manta and S.H.A.R.C. • Deep Six • Firefly • Ferret • Dusty • Tele-Viper • B.A.T.• Sci-Fi • Motor Viper • Sea Slug and Steam-Roller • Mobile Command Center • Croc Master• Muskrat • Ghostrider• Phantom X-19 • Astro-Viper • Rock & Roll • Frag-Viper • Hammer • S.A.W. Viper and Rock-Viper • Attack Cruiser • Mercer and Tracker• Monstro-Viper and Bio-Viper • Spasma • Alpine Trooper and Badger (unreleased figure and vehicle concepts)• Tiger Man and Unknown character (unreleased figure concepts) • Grizzly (unreleased vehicle concept)


Stalker • JUMP • PAC/RATS• Airborne • Recondo • Barbeque • Quick Kick • Low-Light • Monkeywrench • Persuader • Back-Stop • Techno-Viper • Fast Draw • Renegades • Mercer • Taurus • Red Dog • Charbroil • Toxo-Viper• Condor • Aero-Viper• Scoop • H.E.A.T. Viper • Decimator • Hammerhead • Laser-Viper • Ambush • Earthquake • Slythor (unreleased figure concept) • Scar-Head (unreleased figure concept) • Back-Up(unreleased figure concept) • Maniac (unreleased figure concept)


Grunt• Tripwire • Falcon and Viper Gliders & Grunt and Viper Pilot • Wildbill • Dragonfly• Zartan • Swampskier & Dreadnoks • Buzzer • Ripper • Torch • Thrasher • Mainframe • Falcon • AGP • Nullifier • Budo • Hardball • Downtown• Alley Viper • Subzero & Freefall • Heavy Duty • Eco Warrior Flint • Eco Warrior Cesspool • Ninja Force Dojo • Ninja Force Slice •Anarchy Solider & Unknown figure•


· M.M.S.· Hawk  · Destro· F.A.N.G.· Roadblock· Watchtower· Flint· Viper· Swampfire· Iceberg· Lift-Ticket· Tomahawk· BF2000 Vector· BF2000 Maverick· BF2000 Blocker· BF2000 Eliminator· Outback· Zanzibar· Air Skiff· D.E.M.O.N.· Ferret· Hydro-Viper· Recoil· Evader· Darklon· Gnawgahyde· Updraft· Retaliator· Bullhorn· Eco Warriors Clean-Sweep· Eco Warriors Toxo-Viper· Desert Scorpion· Air Commandos Cloudburst· Air Commandos Sky Creeper· RAT· T.O.P.H.A.T. (unreleased)· Omen (unreleased)· Legionnaire (unreleased)


· Flash· APC· Doc· Blowtorch· Crimson Guard Commanders· C.A.T.· Crimson Guard· S.M.S.· Lifeline· Crystal Ball· Battle Force 2000 Avalanche· Battle Force 2000 Dominator· Battle Force 2000 Blaster· Battle Force 2000 Vindicator· Sneak Peek· Cobra W.O.L.F.· Ice Viper· Spearhead· Armadillo· Rolling Thunder· Super Trooper· Backblast· Pathfinder· Crimson Guard Immortal· Air Commandos Night Vulture· Air Commandos Skymate· Eco Warriors Ozone· Eco Warriors Sludge Viper  Toxo-Viper· Dusty· Star Brigade Sci-Fi· Star Brigade Blackstar· Armed Vehicle Transporter (unreleased)· Desert Force (unreleased)· Goliath (unreleased)·  Bushmaster  (unreleased)


· Rock ‘N Roll· Rock ‘N Roll and Whirlwind· Cover Girl· Wolverine and RipCord· Bridgelayer and Tollbooth· Serpentor· Serpentor’s Air Chariot · Battle Force 2000 Skysweeper and Battle Force 2000 Knockdown · Battle Force 2000 Dodger and Battle Force 2000 Marauder · Crazylegs · Cobra Maggot ·W.O.R.M.S. and Windmill ·Skystorm ·Lightfoot · Tiger Force · Snake Eyes (’89) · Night Creeper · Red Star· Brawler and Big Bear· Roadblock and Flak-Viper· Battle Talking Commanders Stalker· Headman· D.E.F. Bulletproof ·Battle Corps Dr. Mindbender and Battle Corps Colonel Courage· Mega Marines Clutch and Mega Marines Mega-Vipers·Star Brigade Armor-Bot· Star Brigade Armor Tech B.A.A.T. and Star Brigade Armor Tech Duke· Battle Corps Backblast· Battle Corps Crimson Guard Commander·Star Brigade Cobra Commander and  Star Brigade Duke· Desert Rat (unreleased)· High Priest (unreleased)· Pythona (unreleased)


·Scarlett·FLAK·Headquarters Command Center·Sky Hawk·Heavy Metal·Mauler·Hawk·A.V.A.C.· Terror Drome·Big Boa·Cobra Pogo·Annihilator·Python Patrol·Range-Viper·General Hawk·Eco Warriors Deep-Six and Eco Warriors Barbecue·Eels (’92) and Barricade·Battle Talking Commanders Overkill·D.E.F. Cutter·D.E.F. Mutt·Battle Corps Frostbite and Battle Corps H.E.A.T. Viper·Battle Corps Mace·Ninja Force Night Creeper·Star Brigade Armor Tech Robo-Joe and Star Brigade Armor Tech Heavy Duty·Star Brigade Predacon·Star Brigade Lobotomaxx·Star Brigade Carcass·Star Brigade Power Fighters·Star Brigade Power Fighters and Star Brigade Space Shot·Armed Recon Combat Vehicle (unreleased) and Towed Cannon (unreleased)·Monster Trapper (unreleased) and Cobra Jetski(unreleased)··Star Brigade Manimals Zig Zag(unreleased)·


·Grand Slam·HAL·Cutter·W.H.A.L.E.·Stinger and Vamp II·Footloose·Wet-Suit·Buzz Boar and Dreadnok Cycle·Psyche-Out· Storm Shadow (’88)· Dee-Jay·Stalker (’89)·Stalker and Long Range·Thunderclap·Sky Patrol and Stretcher·Grunt (’91)·Major Altitude·Badger·Talking Commanders Hawk and Talking Commanders Cobra Commander·Air Devil and Barracuda·General Flagg·Headhunters·Star Brigade Armor Tech Rock ‘N Roll and Star Brigade Armor Tech Destro·Duke·Night Creeper Leader and Snow Storm·Wet-Suit and Leatherneck· Mudbuster and Ninja Force Battle Ax and Pile Driver·Viper and Major Bludd·Stalker and Ice Cream Soldier·Cobra Wedge (Unreleased)· Star Brigade Manimals Warwolf (Unreleased)  


·Thunder·Slugger·Night Landing·Lampreys·Moray·Flight Pod·Silver Mirage·Starduster·Leatherneck·H.A.V.O.C.·Chuckles·Coastal Defender·S.L.A.M.·Shockwave·Windchill·Arctic Blast·Mudfighter·Dogfight·Night Viper·General·Major Storm·Sci-Fi·Ace·Heli-Vipers· ’92 Wild Bill· Parasite·D.E.F. Shockwave·’92 Gung-Ho·Storm Eagle·Liquidator·’92 Firefly·Gristle·Mega Marines Blast-Off·Mega Marines Gung-Ho·Battle Corps Beach-Head·Battle Corps Alley Viper·Ninja Force Zartan·Banzai·Battle Corps Cobra Commander·Battle Corps LAW·Ghoststriker·’93 Ace·Battle Corps Dial-Tone·Battle Corps Lifeline·Battle Corps Razor-Blade·Battle Corps Metal-Head·Stealth Fighter (Unreleased)·Star Brigade Manimals Vortex (Unreleased)


·Wild Weasel·Rattler·Water Moccasin·Snake Eyes·Crankcase·AWE·Devilfish·Sgt. Slaughter·Triple 'T'·Brazil Mission·Law & Order·Steel Brigade·Crossfire·Defiant·Hardtopl·Payload·Action & Vehicle packs·Sea Ray·IMP·Wildcard·Mean Dog·Sgt. Slaughter v3·Warthog·Night Force·Hurricane·Rage·Ice Sabre·Sonic Fighters·Battle Wagon·Cobra Commander·Septic Tank·Toxo-Zombie·Dice·T'jbang·Duke·Destro·Patriot·Mega Marines Mirage·Keel-Haul·Bazooka·Long Arm·Iceberg·Star Brigade Payload·Star Brigade Effects·Shipwreck·Flint·Unreleased Night Force

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